The Apostle Santiago in a suit and scallop

The Apostle Santiago in a suit and scallop
The Apostle Santiago in a suit and scallop
The Apostle Santiago in a suit and scallop, Img 1
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Religious item available on request . Delivery time is approximately 4-8 weeks. For more information about this product contact to Brabander Religious Articles.

Image of Santiago Apostle

  • Made of pulp wood
  • Eyes of crystal.
  • Image of Santiago Apostle to the sale at 85 cm with the pedestal included.
  • The Apostle James is dressed with the typical clothes of a pilgrim of the Way.
  • Hat with front bent upward, making the shape of the hat of a pilgrim. It is of brown color and is decorated with shell of Santiago, a symbol of the Camino de Santiago.
  • Layer of a pilgrim. The layer, in the past, served to the pilgrims to protect them from snow and rain. The layer of the image of Santiago Apostle is decorated with two scallop shells.
  • Tunic of a pilgrim of lighter color to the layer.
  • A staff or cane in his right hand. Element which serves to support the pilgrim in the moments of difficulty with the Camino de Santiago to the challenges. It also includes a gourd of a pilgrim who formerly served as a water container for the stages of the Camino de Santiago.

Sale of the image of Olot, of saint James the Apostle

Exclusively on sale at Brabander Religious Articles

The image of the Apostle Santiago in a suit and scallop has been designed and manufactured for Religious Articles Brabander by the Christian Art workshop in Olot, girona specialized in religious imagery.

The figure of the Apostle Santiago can only be sold for Religious Articles Brabander. Our online store has the right to its exclusive marketing to a global level.

Since the last Holy Year 2010, we have made limited editions for sale to Fraternities, Sororities, Churches, and Parishes of st. James the Apostle, Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago and pilgrims in general.

On the 25th of July we celebrate the day of Santiago Apostle, we celebrate the day of Galicia.

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