Catholic Store Brabander | Online Shopping & Shipping

Catholic Store Brabander | Online Shopping 

Buy in the online catholic store of Religious Articles Brabander is very simple. The only thing you should do is the following:

1. Please visit our catholic online store, online catholic catalog or Brabander Mitre.

2. Choose a religious product and incorporate it to your shopping cart by clicking on "Add to cart". You can perform this operation with so many religious articles as you want.

3. You will be taken to the page of your shopping cart. You can also visit this page by clicking on "Cart: x" located at the top right of our online catholic store.

4. In the page of the shopping cart, you can perform various actions. In the first place can vary the number of religious articles to buy. Under the column "Quantity" has two buttons. A "-" button and a "+" button. The first of them will allow you to reduce the number of catholic items in your shopping cart, while the second one will increase the total number of articles.

It is also possible to remove items from your shopping cart. If you have selected an article you do not want to buy, you can delete it from the list by clicking on the red cross located in the right side. Another option is to keep buying. If you want to add to your list of buying any other product our catholic store, you can do so simply by browsing in the shop and repeating the process of purchase. If you think that you have already selected everything that you need you must finish purchase. You must click on "Continue" or the button of payment Paypal. Once you have clicked on this button will take you to the section of the checkout.

If you have any questions or would like to place the order by other ways, in Religious Articles Brabander offer you alternative methods:

- By phone calling (+34) 982 25 48 05 , (+34) 982 25 33 01 , (+34) 647 811 685 y (+34) 662 542 842 .

- Whatsapp by typing the (+34) 647 811 685 y (+34) 662 542 842.

- E-mail to or in the contact section of Religious Articles Brabander.

- By our social networks Facebook (Articulos Religiosos Brabander), Twitter (@arbrabander), Google (Brabander Religious Articles), Pinterest (Articulos Religiosos Brabander) and Instagram (Articulos Religiosos Brabander).

- In our catholic store in Lugo, where you can see and buy all our religious items.

Online shopping in our Catholic Store | Tips to buy

Now that you know how to make a purchase in the Catholic Store Brabander, let us give you some tips to easily find all the products that you are looking for:

1. Please visit our online catholic shop. You will find the latest news and offers religious articles, the products that are for sale in each time of the Liturgical Year (Easter, Christmas, Corpus Christi, Advent, Lent, etc...). if you are not clear about the catholic religious items that you need, our home page can be a good place to find some interesting idea. You can access our home page from any part of the online store. You just have to press on top of the logo Brabander Catholic Store located in the top left of any page of our online catholic store.

2. At the top of our online store, on the left side, under the logo of our shop, it is located in a strip color dark grey (the color may vary depending on the configuration of each computer). In this strip, on the left side, are three white lines superimposed. If clicked on it will open a drop-down where you will see the different categories of our catalog of religious articles (Religious Statues, Catholic Vestments, Paraments Metalware, Church Furniture, Easter Church Supplies, Catholic Gifts and Electronic Votive Stands). In each category there are several subcategories that will help you to easily find the products you are looking for.

3. In all pages of category of religious articles (for example, Religious Spanish Statues) or the pages of product (for example, the Camino de Santiago Shell), you will find a menu on the left side. In this menu there are all the categories of religious items that we have for sale in our online catholic store.

4. If you prefer, you can also use the search bar located at the top right of the online shop. It is a very useful tool to find our religious supplies quickly. For example, if you want to buy a polyester purple chasuble, we recommend that you put the search bar of our online store: "chasuble purple polyester" or "chasuble polyester purple". The search bar works better when using only nouns and adjectives. Try to avoid verbs, articles, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, etc... When you get the result of the search, keep in mind that some religious supplies have as the central image in a color but are for sale in various colors. For example there are many chasubles that are for sale in the four liturgical colours but have as main image the chasuble in red color.

5. Finally, we recommend that you use the filters of the sort that there is in each of the categories of our Catholic online Store. With these filters you can sort the products using several criteria: sale price, name or date of discharge on the online store. You will find the filters in each of the categories in the right-hand side in a box with the name "Relevance Sort". Click on it and select the criteria that best suits your needs.

Online shopping in our Catholic Store | Pay the order

When you make a purchase in an online store, the different modes of payment available are a very important variable. For this reason, in Catholic Store Brabander you can pay for your purchase with a wide variety of media:

Pay by bank transfer

Income into account. This payment method of shopping has no additional costs. Once you have made the religious articles purchase in the mail order confirmation you will receive our account number. It is important that at the time of making the payment indicated the same name you used to register in the online store and the order number. In our online shop we receive a large number of purchases daily, and with this type of annotations in the order of payment to avoid possible errors when identifying the buyer.

The number of international account of Religious Articles Brabander is:

IBAN: ES83 0081 5223 1700 0120 8929.


Paypal payment in our online store

Method of payment used to make purchases in online catholic stores. Paypal has become one of the means of payment known worldwide in buying and selling in online stores. It is widely used because it has a series of guarantees to the seller and to the buyer. Paypal charges 4.1% for every purchase that is made through their platform.

Credit Card paymet in our online store

Sales paid by credit cards do not have additional charges. The card payment is done on a secure payment platform of our bank has enabled. Once you have finished making the purchase of religious items at our online store you will be redirected to the web page of your own bank. Catholic Store Brabander does not have access to the information of the card. This ensures the total security of the payment of the purchase.

Online shopping in our Catholic Store | Shipping

Free shipping sales

The shipping costs are free if the sales in our online store meets any of the following characteristics:

  1. Online sales of religious articles that indicate it.
  2. Online sales of religious items with shipping to Galicia. Are free of charge all the purchases with send that have a minimum amount of 30 euros and does not exceed 30 kg in weight.
  3. Online sales of religious items with shipping to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Are free for all purchases that meet any of the following requirements:
    1. Purchase with a minimum amount of 100 € and do not exceed 5 kg in weight.
    2. Purchase with a minimum amount of 300 € and do not exceed 30 kg in weight.


Shopping with shipping | transport Prices

Online sales of religious articles that do not meet any of the characteristics mentioned above will have some transport costs:

  • Shipment of online sales to Galicia from 3 euros.
  • Shipment of online sales to the peninsular territory (Spain and Portugal) from 4.5 euros.
  • Shipment of online sales to the Balearic Islands from 6 euros.
  • Shipment of online sales to the Canary Islands, Andorra or other countries, you'll be able to know at the time you make the order. The online store of Religious Articles Brabander is configured to indicate the price before the order confirmation. In case you have any questions, please contact with Religious Articles Brabander by the media that we indicated above.

The package will be sent approximately 24-72 after the place the order in our religious online store. 

In the event that we do not have any of the religious items of your order in stock we will contact you to arrange the delivery time.


The shipping costs of consumables are subject to change by the peculiar characteristics of these. If so we will contact you at the time of placing the order to let them know.

Catholic Store | Shopping Guarantee

In Catholic Store Brabander we have defined the standards of protection and packaging are very strict. Any purchase of religious items on our online store is carefully treated, so as to ensure a successful delivery. Unfortunately a small percentage of the sales they receive any damage during the transport. To ensure the recovery of the insurance of the transport agency must act in the following way.

When you receive your purchase of religious articles, write on the sheet the dealer "Pending review" and then sign the delivery note. This aspect is especially important if you appreciate external damage to the packaging of the purchase. Simply with this phrase since it guarantees the possibility of claiming against the insurance of the transport agency.

This is done, if any of the religious items of its purchase it has suffered any damage, you must get in touch with Religious Articles Brabander in the 24 hours following the receipt of the order. It is necessary that you check all of the religious articles in that interval of time, since after the transportation agencies do not allow you to manage incidents.

Remember that it is necessary that you retain the packaging in which you received the purchase. Normally, the transportation agencies need to verify that packets meet their shipping requirements. This will not be any problem because the standards that we use in Catholic Store Brabander are always more stringent than those of the own agencies of transportation. You should only worry about preserving the packaging and layers of protection.

Filed the claim relevant to the agency of transportation, we will replace the product religiously for one of the same features and in perfect conditions without additional costs. In case of not having religious articles of the same characteristics as those of your purchase, we will review the order and seek the best solution for both parties.

If you have any other problem with a product or wish to return it for any reason, please contact with Catholic Store Brabander to coordinate possible solutions.


Brabander Catholic Store | Privacy of buyers

Products Religious Brabander we are particularly concerned about security. To ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by our buyers is one of our priorities. When a buyer registers on our church suplies store, his personal data, addresses and those relating to his purchases and forms of payment, are treated by following thoroughly the privacy policy marked by the european law of protection of personal data.

To know more about the information that our online store of religious items collected, the use that gives to the data collected, the way in which you use cookies, etc... you can visit the Privacy Policy of our online store.