Candles and pillar candles in the Catholic Church

Candles and candle wax in the Catholic Church

The pillar candles and beeswax candles to Church to have an origin in the early years of the Catholic Church.

The pillar candles and candles in their origin had a double function. On the one hand the candles, and pillar candles have a practical function, related to the room lighting. On the other hand, a foundry symbolic and evangelizing related to Jesus.

Articles Catholics Brabander, what's new in the store

Articles Catholics Brabander, what's new in the store

Articles Catholics Brabander | a Lot of time has passed since we opened our first shop religious articles catholic. Many of the faithful, devotees of the catholic faith, have contacted the online store, or visited our shop in Lugo, to request our services.

After all this time our vocation of service to the Holy Catholic Church remains intact. Our willingness to help parishes, monasteries, catholic youth, cathedrals, guilds and brotherhoods, etc... remains the same as when we started our journey.

After all these years we have noticed that our shop needed some changes to maintain our standards of quality and effectiveness. We have done a small restructuring that allows us to guarantee the delivery of all the purchases that we receive daily.

One of the most significant changes has been the establishment of a new schedule:

Shop catholic Brabander: Schedule of attention to the public

Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 14.30 h.

Shop catholic Brabander: Hours by appointment

Monday to Thursday from 16.00 to 19.00 h.

Colours of the chasuble for priest

Colours of the chasuble for priest

The colors of the chasubles are highly relevant within the Masses and Trades that are held throughout the Liturgical Year. The colours of the chasuble, as in the other sacred vestments, they are identifying the mysteries of the faith which are celebrated at every Liturgy.

The priests wear chasubles of one color or the other depending on the time of the Liturgical Year in which is part of the celebration. The colours of the chasuble are in line with the sentiment of the liturgical season and invite us to the prayer of the faithful, in addition to make clear sense of the progressive christian life in the course of the liturgical year.

For this reason, in today's entry, we will focus on talking about the meaning and use of each of the colours of the chasuble.

Pope Francis and the Cross of the Good Shepherd

The Cross of the Good Shepherd | The Cross of Pope Francis

The day, March 13, 2013 Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the 266º Pope of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis replaced Pope Benedict XVI , who had resigned the Pontificate. Following his election by the Conclave, the new Pope showed his desire to carry the name Francis during his papacy. Pope Francis chose this name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.

From the time of his appointment, Pope Francis showed his intention to make the humility and mercy are two of the distinctive traits of his pontificate. Pope Francis made several modifications in the traditions they had followed the former popes. Some of these small alterations were related to pope's clothing.

It was decided not to use the pectoral Cross pontifical of gold with precious stones embedded that can only be lucida by Pope. Instead he preferred to wear a pectoral Cross of silver. This Cross has been made world famous as the Cross of the Good Shepherd, or simply, the Cross of Pope Francis.

Music stands for Church

Lecterns in church

The shelves are items of furniture religious that we use daily in our churches. The lecterns have been important elements during many centuries. There is evidence of the presence of music stands in the altars of the parishes from the FIFTEENTH century.

In today's entry we will try to deepen in its origin and functionality of the stands. The aim sought is to analyze the historical evolution of the term “Lectern” in comparison with the word ambo and pulpit.

Three terms, lectern, ambo and pulpit, which, with the passage of the centuries have been converging. To this day, popularly, are often used almost interchangeably. Especially the concepts of ambo and pulpit.

The Venue and Store Cofrade Brabander, gift articles brothers

Shop brother Brabander, coupon, gift articles brothers

With the arrival of the end of Lent and beginning of Holy Week, the activity in the Brotherhoods becomes more intense. Articles brothers that have been safely tucked away throughout the year to prepare for procesionar another year. Again the brethren we give away a Holy Week full of feeling, full of emotions, full of solemnity.

The Holy Week will fill the streets of processional floats, candles and candles, robed brothers to celebrate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Brabander Shop Brother again done a drawing for a gift certificate to brothers, priests, and enthusiasts of the Holy Week in general.

The gift coupon can be used for the purchase of religious articles, articles brothers or any of the products that we have available in our store brother.