Tulipas and hoods for candlelight processional wax

Tulipas and hoods for candlelight processional wax

Wax candles, along with the paschal candles and tealights, they are consumables to be fundamental for the Holy Week. Wax candles add solemnity and beauty to our processions.

Despite its great importance, the wax candles have a few negative points. Participants and collaborators of processions and brotherhoods have been in contact with us considering issues related to the wax candles.

In this post we will see some solutions to these inconveniences, that we propose from Religious Articles Brabander.

Shop brother Brabander, draw of gift voucher

The Holy Week is a time very relevant to all of, but without doubt, has a special meaning for all those people who are part of a Brotherhood or Guild.

The brothers developed a great deal of work throughout the year, but it is during Holy Week when their activity becomes more intense: Prepare the Steps for procesionar to put the clothes brothers, put the wax, etc...

In Articles Brothers Brabander we are aware of the immense effort involved in the preparation and coordination of all the brethren of the face of the processions of Holy Week. We are also very aware of the importance of the Guilds at the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ. Without the great work of all the brothers, the Holy Week would lose a very important part of your identity.

For this reason, we are launching in our online store, a sweepstakes that will allow us to contribute our granite of sand to the celebration guild of the Holy Week.

Notices parish, an app for priests

Notices Parish

Over the last few years the world has experienced a great evolution, a great technological change. There is no doubt that this change has had much to do with the online shops and mobile applications.

In Religious Articles Brabander bet by the new technologies because we believe that they facilitate the life of the parish. We make a continued effort to renew and update our online store items to parishes. An online store easily navigable allows you to buy in an intuitive way, it is for priests and their collaborators parish can do their work more efficiently and effectively.

Today we're not going to talk about our online store of religious articles, we want to introduce you a new app very much in tune with our mentality. An app to ease the life of the priest. An app from the notices to keep the parishioners informed of parish life.

New store of religious articles and brothers

On the 18 day of March, 2009 we opened the doors of the store of Religious Articles for Brabander in the place which it now occupies, in the Square of Pius XII, no. 7. We chose this location because of the consideration that we could offer a better service since we were on the side of the Cathedral and of the Bishopric of Lugo. With this mentality we have worked for almost seven years at this location. With this mentality, to offer the best possible service, we inform you that we have decided to move our shop. From the 17th day of October, we will be at your disposal in Nicomedes Pastor Diaz, 1 Mezzanine Left, where are our offices.

Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, queen and lady of Mexico

Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Among the many religious images of the Virgin Mary who we honor on the altars of the churches of south america, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico, is, perhaps, one of the most popular.

It is estimated that over twenty million people, taking into account the mexicans and non-mexicans, visit every year the Basilica of Holy Mary of Guadalupe, known officially as the Insigne and National Basilica of Holy Mary of Guadalupe.

Of the total number of pilgrims who travel to Mexico D. F. to worship the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, it is estimated that almost half of visitors arrive on the 12th of December, the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

This impressive devotion of the mexican people and foreign visitors has its origin more than four centuries ago. The Sacred Image of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the indian St. Juan Diego in 1531.

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, symbol of Christ

The Cross of Christ is one of the symbols most universally recognized. Both christians and those who do not profess the true faith recognize the Cross as a symbol of Christ, symbol of the love of Our Father Jesus for all of humanity.

Christ sacrificed himself for all of us. He endured the hatred, the envy and derision of the men. Loaded with the Cross, painfully feeling its weight on your shoulders. Carried his heavy burden to mount Golgotá where he was Crucified. He suffered the torment of the Crucifixion, and finally died on the Cross to overcome death, to give eternal life to all of us.

One of the most important dates within the christian liturgical calendar related with the Cross is the 14th day of September. This date we celebrate the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.