Visit our shop in Lugo in San Froilán

With the arrival of Autumn, one more year, the city of Lugo and the city of Leon are preparing for the celebration of its patron: San Froilán. The streets of the capital of lugo and of the capital of leon are filled with colors and lights to commemorate the day of San Froilán, one of the religious images that greater fervour generated in the population of the northwest peninsular.

In our shop of religious articles in Lugo could not be less. We are preparing our selection of prints, rosaries, religious figures, etc...

If you want to visit remember that our local liturgical objects permanerá closed the day rmanecerá closed on days 5 and 12 of October on the occasion of the celebration of the day of San Froilán (local festive in the city of Lugo) and the day of the Virgin of the Pillar (holiday national) respectively.

Shop of metalwork and liturgical vestments in Galicia

Religious articles Brabander is a store of objects to the parish and brothers located in Galicia. Both in our online shop ( as in our physical store in Lugo (Galicia) you can find all kinds of religious images, jewelry religious, liturgical vestments, etc...

Several of our customers have searched the Internet the address of our shop in Galicia. In this search have been found problems to locate the exact location of the shop orfebraría and ornaments.

We have checked, and the Google Maps and Pinterest are giving errors when placing our store. We are trying to fix the situation. While not fixed, we decided to make this post to clear up any doubts.

Summer vacation in Brabander from 13 to 21 August 2016

Today, 24 June, day of St. John the Baptist we celebrate the arrival of a new summer to Galicia, and to our store of religious articles. The longest day of the year, its shortest night, and precedes the months in which many will enjoy a well-deserved rest.

In Religious Articles Brabander we are also going to be taking a few vacation days to prepare for Christmas with renewed energy.

Our store liturgical objects, office, and warehouse will be closed the third week of August, from the 13th to the 21st of August.

Step of Christ for Holy Week

A few friends are interested in selling a Step of Christ for Holy Week.

It is a Step of Christ (basket and vents), 3,20 metres long and 2,02 wide.

The charge of the basket in mahogany wood was the famous wood-carver sevillian Juan Perez Calvo. Illustrious artist dressing room of the Macarena, and very linked with the Brotherhood of the Bofetá.

Guzmán Bejarano is the author of the medallions and crest gold. Manuel Guzmán Bejarano, born in the Triana neighbourhood, is considered by many as the most important artist of wood carving of the second half of the TWENTIETH century and early TWENTY-first.

In addition, this step for Holy Week includes the skirt is made of velvet, a mountain of carnations and two bar. The first barrow is the own of the step. The second is a barrow essay with 6 trabajaderas with adjustable height to 5 bearers.

TT #FelicidadesTeresa in the V centenary of St. Teresa of Avila

This is a very special year for the spaniards and Spanish, and for all those devotees of Saint Teresa of Avila. In this year 2015, the 28th day of March we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Santa Teresa. To commemorate this historic event, Pope Francis has given to all the dioceses of Spain by the grace of the Jubilee Year of Teresa.

Online store - Sale of religious objects

Online store - Sale of religious objects

Many buyers call us to buy some religious items for sale in our store: tabernacles, chasubles, chalices, religious pictures, etc...

There are a large number of media through which the buyers can get in contact with Religious Articles Brabander.

In this entry we will review the different ways through which you can make queries and purchases in our online store of religious objects.