Pulpit of a Church

Pulpits for church

In our churches there is usually a large amount of liturgical furnishings. These are elements that serve as ministers and helpers to carry out their duties. Pieces of liturgical furnishings such as pulpits, lecterns, both, the altar table, etc...

Today we will try to deepen in the utility and definition of the stands, both and pulpits. Items of furniture which, although of an origin to have a meaning perfectly distinct, with the passing of the years has been merging. To be used popularly in many cases, the three terms to designate the same type of article.

We have recapitulated information to try to explain when it should be used pulpit of a Church, when the ambo of the Church, and when the lectern of the Church.

Today we will talk on the pulpits for churches.

Figure of St. Joseph, a gift for father's day

Figure of San José, the best gift for father's day

All the religious images of our catalogue are very important. Now that the day is coming on March 19, father's day, we want to highlight the figure of St. Joseph, a central figure in the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Saint Joseph was chosen by God to perform the duties of the father of Jesus and husband of the Virgin Mary. In addition, he was the figure that rather treasured the Holy Family and protected them from the dangers.

Give away or buy a picture of San Jose can be a nice gift for any father.

Tapestry of the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci

Tapestry of the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Last Supper of Jesus with his Apostles is one of the most important moments in the last days of the life of Christ. Many of the religious articles of our catalogue recreate this event: chalices, tapestries,... and, of course, the Passage of Holy Week the Last Supper, one of the pieces of religious imagery most important in our online store.

As a presentation of the new tapestry of the Last Supper-inspired mural of Leonardo Da Vinci, we have thought it appropriate to know a little more of one of the most important works of this universal genius of the Italian Renaissance.

In addition, we make a small description of the Step of Seman Santa of the Last Supper, which is for sale in our online store.

Holy year of Mercy in Galicia

Holy year of Mercy in Galicia

The Cathedrals, galicia, Lugo, Mondoñedo, Santiago de Compostela, Ourense and Tui have been held in a very special way this third Sunday of Advent (Guadete). The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Lugo, the Cathedral of Mondoñedo, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the Cathedral of St. Martin in Ourense, and the Cathedral of Santa María de Tui celebrated the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy, the Extraordinary Jubilee Year.

As you did a few days ago, Pope Francis in St. Peter's Cathedral of Rome, the five Cathedrals in galicia, and other significant churches, they opened the Holy Door, known as the Door of Mercy during this Holy Year.

Many other Churches and Cathedrals throughout the world, opened the Door of Mercy to celebrate this Holy Year. Pope Francis has determined that they are temples the jubilee the Cathedrals, the Concatedrales and shrines Diocesan Bishops to select. The Holy Doors will be open from the 13th December until the 20th of November 2016, a day which will end officially the Holy Year of the Mercy.

The Year of Jubilee, of Mercy, Holy Year

The Year Jubilee of Mercy

In Religious Articles Brabander, as a shop specializing in ornamenos liturgical, we try to be partakers of all the events that the Church celebrates.

The eight day of December, feast of the Immaculate Conception, will begin the Holy Year of Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. Through this celebration, Pope Francis wants christians to bring mercy to all social environments following the steps of Our Lord jesus Christ.

We have prepared this entry to delve into the meaning of the Holy Year of Mercy: the relationship of Pope Francis with mercy, the explanation of the logo of the Jubilee Year, history of the Holy Years, the official prayer of the Year of Jubilee, etc...

In addition, to commemorate this Holy Year, we present some of the liturgical vestments that we have prepared: the chasuble official of the Jubilee Year, the stole's official Jubilee Year, the cloth stand official of the Holy Year, etc...

Biography of San Froilán, the patron saint of Lugo and León

San Froilán is one of the religious images more respected and admired in the northwest of the peninsula. In particular, the cities of Lugo, where we have our store of religious objects and Lion celebrated with great fervor and on the day of San Froilán, the 5th day of October.

We review the life and events of this important Saint who devoted his life to prayer and give to know the word of our Lord. Born in the city of Lugo soon leaves home to travel the world. After preaching the Gospel during his whole life he was appointed Bishop of the city of Leon, where he died in the year 905.