Shop Religious Articles Brabander in Lugo

The March 18, 2009, Brabander extended its facilities with its new store of religious articles. Our new store is located in Plaza Pio XII, 7, next to the main facade of the Cathedral of Lugo. The store was blessed by the Most reverend and Illustrious Monsignor don Alfonso Carrasco Rouco, Bishop of Lugo.

After nearly 8 years, we have decided to change the location of the shop of Religious Articles Brabander. From the day 17 of October 2016 we will be in Nicomedes Pastor Diaz, 1 Mezzanine Left, 27001 Lugo.

In the new shop you will find all kinds of religious articles such as candles, articles brothers, nativity scenes, religious images, dresses for a Christening, etc...

Book your Paschal Candle and the wax of Holy Week 2019

Paschal Candle

Last year was especially difficult in terms of the volume of purchases of candles and wax for Holy Week that we had to attend to. Many of our customers waited to the last minute, a few days before Holy Week, to place your orders for Paschal Candles. Finally, we managed to get all the Candles purchased arrived for the Easter Vigil. We recognize that with more troubles than are desired.

To avoid the problems of last hour, we've already opened the booking period of the Paschal Candles for this Holy Week. If you like a new Candle each year, don't wait, Book it now!! Fast-forward to the events!! It is very simple!!

TT #FelicidadesTeresa in the V centenary of Saint Teresa of Ávila

V centenary of Saint Teresa of Ávila

2015 is a very special year for all of us, and for those devoted to Saint Teresa of Ávila. This year, on the 28th of March we will celebrate the 500th anniversary of her birthday. In order to commemorate this historical event, Pope Francis has conceded the grace of Saint Teresa´s Jubilee year to all the Spanish dioceses.

The 2019 Paschal Candle, Symbol of Christ's Resurrection

Purchasing a new Paschal Candle is an important moment for any parish, church, convent, cathedral, etc... in preparation of the Easter and Holy Week. 

In today's entry we want to talk about this liturgical symbol. If you already know about the functions, origin and meaning of the Paschal Candle perhaps you would like to reserve or purchase your Paschal Candle for Holy Week and Easter 2019. If you are interested in learning more about Paschal Candles, don't hesitate, continue reading. Of course, if you find any incorrect information we kindly ask you to contact with Religious Articles.