Dresses of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin of Rocío

Dresses of the Virgin Mary

Any religious image of the Virgin, any figure processional of Our Mother Mary is usually linked to a series of dresses and garments for religious images that make it look more beautiful and more worthy if it is.

There are countless types of dresses for each piece of religious imagery. Each one of these types of dresses tend to be employed in specific dates: festivities, processions, etc...

We'll talk about the image of the Virgin of Rocío. Figure of the Virgin Mary widely known and devotees in all parts of the world. In Spain, it is one of the marian images most dear to them along with the images of the Virgin of Carmen, the images of the Virgin of the Pillar, the images of the Immaculate Conception, etc...

The Virgen del Rocio has two types of dresses basically: the clothes of a Pastor and the dresses of the Queen.

Image of saint James the Apostle | religious Imagery in Olot

Religious image of Santiago Apostle

The religious imagery is one of the religious items sold in our online store. Within the section of religious pictures, our buyers are especially interested in the religious imagery of Olot.

In this entry we'll dive deep into the craft techniques of the imagery of Olot in a way a little bit special. Being a company of religious articles galician, and given the proximity of the day of Galicia, on the 25th of July, day of Santiago Apostle, we will focus our analysis on the manufacturing process of a religious image, of which we are especially proud of: the religious image of the Apostle Santiago dressed in the robes typical of the pilgrims to Compostela and decorated with the shells of Santiago.

The image of Santiago Apostle it is very important to us because it's a piece of imagery of Olot which Brabander Religious Items manufactures and sells exclusively to a global level.

The image of st James the Apostle dressed as a pilgrim is a handcrafted piece made in following the criteria that have made it world famous to the imagery of Olot.

Tapestries with religious motives

Tapestries religious wall

New selection of tapestries with religious motives. We have named this kind of items as tapestries on a wall. By this name we try to differentiate them from the hangings or balconies that have their own characteristics.

The tapestries religious wall are decorated with religious images of Saints, images of the Virgin Mary or the typical images of Christmas.

The tapestries wall are made of cotton and viscose. This composition gives them a look of old carpet, made using ancient techniques. Its look is classic and the finishes are sober and elegant. They are mainly intended to decorate the interior of the home or parish.

Shop candlesticks electronic in Lugo (Galicia)

Much time has passed since we opened our shop selling candlesticks electronic in Lugo (Galicia). We have had the opportunity to meet many buyers, some of us come from towns of Galicia, others from other Spanish towns and cities and even from outside of Spain.

In Religious Articles Brabander we have always been especially concerned in knowing the opinion of our buyers. We owe it to the people who put their trust in us. Your comments are a source of fundamental information that allows us to improve day-to-day.

Among the issues that our buyers more consult us highlight two in particular: first, know when you are closed our shop of religious articles of Lugo. And in the second place, accurate information regarding the candlesticks electronic.

Symbols of jesus Christ in the christian tradition

The christian Tradition is very rich in terms of symbols, words and images that represent Our Lord jesus Christ. Today we will focus on two animals that from the first years of christianity have stood for Jesus: the fish and the pelican.

Over the centuries, these two symbols have been present in the lives of christians. The clearest example of this is that, today, we are still using religious items such as tabernacles, pallia or lecterns decorated with pelicans, or fish.

Corpus Christi 2019

Corpus Christi 2019

We approach one of the most important religious celebrations of the Liturgical Year, the celebration of Corpus Christi.

In Brabander we are already preparing our shop with religious articles for the Corpus 2019.

A year more, the hangings, religious adornaran the streets for the processions. One more year, the custodians will look in its interior the Body of Christ. One more year, our religious celebrations will mark the presence of the Body and Blood of Christ after the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine.

In Religious Articles Brabander we have decided to make an entry dedicated to Corpus Christi.